Skin Type Quiz

Determine Your Skin Type

Balance & Boost = Beauty

Everyday radiance is hard to get and harder to maintain. Well on the contrary - with exclusively selected ingredients in our favourite skin products, you add more brightness to your skin and be more beautiful than ever before. The key is finding the routine that suits and the right ingredients that work best for your skin.

You and Your Skin

The first step in achieving and maintaining a radiant, glowing complexion is to determine your skin type. Take this quiz below and find out what skin type you have!

You and Your Routine

Once you have determined the most suitable product for your skin type, it's time to turn your focus towards your routine. We recommend softly patting the product onto your skin while your skin is still damp from cleansing. This makes sure your product will be completely absorbed into your skin so it can receive the full benefits of your product.