DIY Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner

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How to Clean Makeup Brushes with Organic Shampoo

Makeup brushes have become major players in the cosmetic industry. Just like an artist chooses paintbrushes to paint his or her masterpieces, makeup fanatics choose makeup brushes to paint their masterpieces, which essentially is their face.

However, when you really look into it closely, makeup brushes are used on skin, not just a normal canvas, and skin is a central breeding ground for many different types of bacteria. Our skin oils, mixed with dirt from our hands and toxins from our everyday surroundings are major sources of numerous bacteria.

Further to that, when you add liquid and cream products where bacteria love to thrive and multiply (such as foundations, colour correctors, blushes, serums etc), the bacteria clings to the bristles, creating a the perfect sticky and wet environment for it to grow. In fact, 72% of us don’t clean our makeup brushes!

A study was conducted over a month on bacteria in makeup brushes.

One week’s use illustrated bacteria on the brush that was normal according to what we come into contact with on a daily basis. But after just three more weeks of use, making it total of four, uncleaned makeup brushes saw an amount of bacteria that had skyrocketed to a point it couldn't even be measured. Not only is this disgusting, but it can also lead to major side effects such as random breakouts, clogged pores, skin irritations, viral infections and several other unpleasant issues.

Mainstream and fashionable brands commonly offer makeup brush cleansers are either too expensive, unnatural and potentially toxic, or nothing much more than just a mix alcohol and water. Following below we will teach you how to clean makeup brushes using our range of Bare Living products, and of course some other good stuff too!

Our Bare Living shampoo and conditioner are formulated with our certified organic essential oils and other botanicals with delicate fragrances that nourish, balance, hydrate and restore hair (or bristles) from root to tip. They’re also:

  • Made from synthetic free and plant based ingredients.
  • Free of harmful parabens, sulphates and petroleum ingredients.
  • Made using ZERO animal testing.



  1. Add all ingredients (in the order listed) to the spray bottle or mason jar and shake or stir to combine. This is your cleanser.
  2. Add cleanser to a small dish.
  3. Take your brush and mix into the cleanser for 1-2 minutes until it lathers.
  4. Rinse brush under the tap, pointing the tip of brush downward (try to avoid getting water into the brush ferrule, which may loosen glue and bristles).
  5. Rinse out remaining cleanser residue in brush, making sure the water is clear when you squeeze the bristles (means no makeup is remaining).
  6. Take your clean brush and dab excess water onto a towel. 
  7. Place brush sleeve over bristles on each brush (optional) or reshape with hand and place on towel, pointing the bristles on a downward angle.
  8. Wait until it’s completely dry, and use your natural makeup brush cleanser!


We recommend doing this extensive cleaning process AT LEAST once a week.

You can always do a quick spot clean in between cleaning sessions using witch hazel or alcohol. The brush sleeves will fit brushes of all sizes and they’re helpful for maintaining the shape of your brush bristles - especially while drying.

Not only will your new makeup brush cleaner last you for months, but you can also use the shampoo and conditioner for other purposes, so you’ll be saving money AND you can feel great about the natural products that you’re using on your makeup brushes and your skin.

Say goodbye to bacteria infested makeup brushes and random breakouts and say hello to natural living.


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