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Natural Home Remedies for Dandruff to get that Flake Free Hair and Shoulders

We’re certain everyone has faced the nasty dandruff at some point in their lives. The skin condition marked by flaking skin on your scalp can be itchy and very uncomfortable, and of course, quite embarrassing.

Fortunately, dandruff isn't contagious, permanent or serious. It can however, be extremely difficult to overcome without the right products and or patience. Countless mainstream dandruff shampoos, conditioners and treatments may appear to be helpful in the beginning, but more often than not, they simply just mask the underlying issue, and sometimes even aggravate it, making it worse off than it was.

So what are the suggestions when it comes to natural home remedies for dandruff?

Well, the best option would be witch hazel because it’s an incredible, 100% natural product that can assist to reduce dandruff and the side effects that come with it. It actually targets the source of the problem. Because it acts a natural astringent, it’s high concentration of tannins remove excess oil from skin, minimise pores and kill bacteria. It’s also just as effective as a “free radical scavenger”, meaning it can help protect against DNA damage.

The most common reason for dandruff is due to irritated and oily skin. If you are currently battling with dandruff, consider becoming best friends with witch hazel. It will help moisturise your scalp, promote the healing of damaged skin, and naturally cut through grease and oil.

Below we’ve included some tips that to help you say cut ties with dandruff and keep it away.


Twice per week before shampooing/conditioning hair

Before shampooing and conditioning, follow these steps to target the source of dandruff:

  1. Comb hair to detangle.
  2. Separate hair into small, workable sections and clip away any sections you’re not working on. 
  3. Starting from the nape and working your way up, apply witch hazel directly to your scalp using a large, clean cotton ball OR add it to a spray bottle and spritz on your scalp. Note: Be sure you move through each area of your scalp methodically to ensure you are reaching the entire scalp. 
  4. Massage the witch hazel into your scalp where you applied it.
  5. Allow the product to sit for about 10 minutes. 
  6. Shampoo your hair and rinse gently. Our Bare Living Shampoo is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something that smells amazing and uses essential oils and botanicals to keep your hair nourished and balanced.


  • For cleaning hair, combine 30 ml of witch hazel per 240 ml of shampoo to treat dandruff and keep it away.
  • For detangling hair, use a light application of conditioner on just on the tips of your hair. This will give you the softness where you need it most, but the roots of your hair will remain lightweight and oil-free.
  • In between treatments, to help your scalp keep oil production and dandruff at bay, mix one part witch hazel with ten parts of distilled water and combine in a spray bottle. Spritz along your part and hairline after you shower. The small amount of witch hazel results in a gentler formula, which is great for more sensitive scalps. This mixture also helps lift hair roots slightly for a fresh-looking ‘do all day. 

Did you know?

Peppermint essential oil is especially great for dandruff symptoms! It soothes, cools and calms an itchy scalp, and eliminates flakiness. Simply add four 4 drops to the spray bottle along with the distilled water and witch hazel. Don’t forget to shake well before using!



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