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Your Focus

Boost and elevate your mood with this powerful blend of invigorating oils. Use as a morning energiser or midday pick-me-up and stimulate a positive and uplifting mood.

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Your Mind

Clear and calm your mind with the peaceful escape of Clear Mind’s sweet, warm and renewing aroma. When you need to slow the world down, this is your blend.

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Your Air

Purify and enhance the air in your home with this incredible blend of the most powerful immune boosting and odour eliminating oils - will leave the house smelling refreshing, inviting and herbal.

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Your Sleep

Sleep deep and dream sweet with a blend of soul-soothing comforting oils. This warming and intoxicating aroma can help release frustrations and embrace your body in a blanket of serenity.

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About Bare Oils

Organic from Soil-to-Oil
Find your Balance. Feel what the most powerful benefits, advanced research and Mother Nature have to offer.

The creation of Bare Oils starts with the best farms around the world, planting high quality plants in nutrient dense organic soil.

Our farms must meet US National Organic Standards to be USDA Certified Organic. Then these plants are meticulously cultivated with no harmful chemicals and harvested at each plant’s peak compound bearing season.

Next, the oils are extracted using steam distillation or cold-pressed without chemicals. We are proud to provide our consumers with oils that come from the 1st distillation or press.

Finally, the oils are bottled in dark glass containers to protect from oxidation and sunlight. We take pride in every step of Bare Oils’ journey from ‘Soil-to-Oil’ to ensure that our oils are of the highest, therapeutically beneficial quality.

How Bare Oils Work
Because of their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, Bare Oils are nature’s perfect medicinal, culinary, cleansing, and aromatherapy solutions. Essential oils have a direct and profound effect on the deepest levels of the body and psyche.

That’s why when passing through your sinuses and activating the nerves, the fragrances of the oils enter the brain and can help lower stress levels, relieve pain, improve mood, and quell cravings and nausea. Research has shown that essential oils can powerfully enhance positive mental and emotional states. Discover your everyday balance in life and inner serenity.


For as long as I can remember I've suffered with terrible menstrual cramps every month, I'd go through 3 packets of pain killers in 6 days.

Yesterday I was in severe pain, curled up in a ball, pain killer hadn't kicked in & was about to go for a rainforest hike so I checked the oils products at a glance poster & it said Clary Sage essential oil is good for abdominal cramps.

So I applied 2 drops topically with carrier oil & within 30 seconds my pain was gone & hasn't come back for 24 hours! No more synthetic pain killers! I am amazed!!

My partner had a severe stabbing headache (or migraine as he describes it). I got the Clear Mind Blend out. I applied to his temples whilst smelled the bottle.

He states almost immediately (20 seconds later) the sharp pain in his head dropped from a level 8/10 to a 4/10 and 5 mins later he said that it was completely gone! Amazing!

A few days ago I had a really bad allergic reaction to a tablet I took. My body was in shock and left my face swollen with a huge rash around my eyes and cheeks.

Since I was in a different country, I wasn't sure about buying creams from unknown brands. Let me just say thank goodness I brought my Lavender Bare Oil with me... applied it each morning and night with the coconut oil and now my face is back to normal.

For the past couple of nights, I've had so much trouble sleeping - my brain has been thinking of the next day's errands and won't let me rest.

So I brought in the diffuser and the Sweet Dreams Blend into my room to give it a go. I fell asleep within 20 mins which is amazing for me! I felt like I could relax and start to unwind almost instantly. These oils are definitely worth investing into!